Welcome to the new Consol Blog!

This new blog is the successor of labs.consol.de, more precisely the blog part of it. We switched to a modern platform and finally integrated into the rest of the the Consol web presence! The labs.consol.de site of course will continue to host our labs projects but new articles are gonna be published here.

Are there any changes regarding the content? Nope! The Consol Blog will continue to be your medium for technical stuff Consol is currently working on and technologies we think might be the next big thing – powered directly by the engineers at Consol. This might be intros to new technologies, detail know how/tips&tricks for bringing systems to production, howtos for some more challenging tasks or discussions about technology trends, just to name a few examples.

We hope you continue to find interesting bits and pieces in our articles that might make your everyday techie life easier at some occasion, feel free to drop in and browse whenever you want to!

(For people who remember RSS feeds: subscribe to this feed with your favorite feed reader to be updated on new posts)

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